Cigar Box Guitars

If you have purchased one of my guitars, I hope you are enjoying it for all its worth. 

On this page I hope to include some additional useful information.

  • My basic Three string Slide models are shipped tuned as C,G,C. I string these guitars using Medium Gauge Acoustic strings.  Out of a standard pack of 6 strings I use the 3rd, 4th, and 5th strings.The basic Three string models have exceptionally high actions as they are generally meant to be played as a slide guitar.  I like to use a socket from my tool box but there are many options available such as copper pipe, bottle top slide and bone slides.
  •  My basic 4 String Models are shipped tuned as G,D,G,B.  I string these guitars using Medium Gauge Acoustic strings also.  Out of a standard pack of 6 I typically use the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th strings.
  • I have made what would be considered 4 string Mandocellos ( may be close to a  4 String Harmonic Mandolin).  I tune these to GDAE and or GDAD.  Please note that nearly all of my Acoustic Models can easily be upgraded to electric after purchase.Unless specified otherwise, all my guitars utilize a floating bridge. A floating bridge is held in position by the pressure of the strings. That being said, care must be taken to maintain it original position while changing strings. Replacing strings one at a time will reduce the chance of it moving.  If it does move the intonation will be off and will be out of tune as you move about the neck. If you are not experienced at positioning a bridge, do not worry I make slight markings on my guitars marking the bridges original position.  If you just cant seem to line things up, please contact me and I will send you easy instructions on how to set it correctly.  

Please feel free to contact me with questions at